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Creative Coaching for High Performing 
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It Takes Ordinary People with a Clear Vision To Accomplish Extraordinary Things!
"Esperanza has the ability to see a situation, ask targeted questions to understand completely, and then, skillfully, help me to see the situation in a BETTER way - and when I apply what she recommends, I begin to experience more effective Results."

- Gloria Santana, Realtor - Royal Le Page - 403 870 4436
Hello, I’m Esperanza Montalvo

I am passionate about taking high-achievers to their next level of success and significance - 

My clients are high performers, that is, they take action (both in the visible and the invisible), and have a track record of success because they have taken risks, are determined, and most of all, are committed to continuous growth and advancement.  

You are confident, committed, and open to expand your creativity at a higher level.   You are driven to make a difference and make a contribution. You achieve at the highest levels. You have passion for your purpose in life, and want to leave this world a better one.   

Here is something I know: "People with passion can change the world" ...

I’m the Founder of Leadership with Awareness an online learning community for leaders.  Author of The Sharpest Tool to Wealth, How your Words Create your World; and a Contributing Author of an International Best-Seller - Lightning Growth - Success Strategies for Today's Leaders. 

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Here’s How it Works...
You and I work together for 6-12 months.   Anything less than that doesn’t set you up for the type of progress that creates transformation.  How many years have you wanted to create that something you are truly passionate about it?   How long have you wanted that experience of living each day as the powerful being you know deep down, You are?   How many years have passed with 'I almost did it' or 'I wish I've done it'?  

Are you looking for extra Imagination?  Tools?  Confidence?  or CLARITY?   I'm sure you already have some of these.  However, are you ready for your New, Grandiose Possibility?

If you’re ready, let’s have a conversation, with the creativity and possibilities to totally transform every aspect of your life. 
I work with clients who are referred to me or I’ve been so inspired by, I personally invite them to a coaching conversation.   If you are seeing this page, then either you know me, or someone has sent you my way.   Nice to meet you!